Knowledge Base: Getting Started

Learn how to set up your account, import contacts, and create your first campaign.

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Best Practices and Requirements

We have certain requirements all of our users must follow, and recommend some best practices that you can keep your audience well and productive.
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Creating Campaigns

Here you will read how to prepare a campaign for email marketing and send it to your list.
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Levels of Permission

Permission to send email to your subscribers comes in many forms, ranging from weak to strong. Obtaining permission, or consent, is a necessary foundation for communication that people want and expect to receive on a continuous basis. It's easy to see why giving people power over the email messages...
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Creating Lists

Here you will create your list. Then you can add subscribers to your list (or potential subscribers can subscribe to your list through subscription form).
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Setup and Edit Your Lists

Everything you need to know and set-up for your lists. Segmentation, Forms, Email Verification, Import, Export, Email Templates, etc...
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Email automation has shown time and again just how simple sending the right email at the right time to the right person can be. However, to get this process started on the right foot, you need to have the right trigger in place to get the ball rolling.
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API Setup

We provide RESTful API which is based on simple HTTP POST/GET requests. Our API lets you add / import contacts from other applications so that you can keep your mail list synchronized and up-to-date.
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Account Settings

All about your account can be edited in here. Your profile settings, contact information, billing and subscription, logs and api.
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